Our Community

Together we can support and encourage one another and learn far more than we could apart. Everyone matters and makes a unique contribution to our life together.

About LKC

Welcome to the Luther King Centre for Theology and Ministry. We are inspired by Martin Luther King’s vision of equality, justice and peace and seek to be a small part of making that dream, and the dreams of our students and faith communities, a reality in our world. In keeping with that vision of working together for the good of all, we have a strong tradition of colleges for ministry training working together, sharing academic programmes, worship and life together, and this continues to this day.

Historically the various colleges have represented Baptist, Methodist, United Reformed and Unitarian traditions, but our Open College has welcomed students from Quaker, Pentecostal, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other traditions, and we all appreciate the richness this brings to our learning community.

The Colleges

Everyone who successfully applies direct to The Luther King Centre for Theology and Ministry will become a member of our Open College.

Open College welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds and right across the spectrum of church traditions.

We are a warm, diverse and inclusive college where everyone is valued for the unique contribution they bring to our life and learning together.

There is more information about each of the colleges which together make up LKC below.

Luther King Open College


As well as the different church denominational and theological colleges that make up LKC, we also have our own college – Open College. OC offers opportunities for a wide range of people to study contextual theology who are not placed here through their church structures, and offers all the support and guidance needed to study on our academic programmes. The information on this website will tell you all you need to know about studying here at LKC and how to apply for a place with us.

Northern Baptist College


Northern Baptist College is an up-to-date, two hundred years-old learning community. With deep roots in the Northern half of England it seeks to equip women and men for leadership in the mission of God wherever they might be called – particularly in this part of God’s world.

It is NBC’s ministry to prepare others for a range of ministries: nationally accredited ordination in the Baptist Union of Great Britain; local church leadership; pioneer leadership or locally recognized ministry.

NBC has a rich history of innovation and creativity, having pioneered congregation-based patterns of training, ecumenical theological education and an approach to learning that is committed to academic excellence and rooted in the real world.

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Northern College


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Northern College provides resources for learning for people throughout the United Reformed Church (and, when appropriate, for the Congregational Federation) and the Moravian Church through a variety of courses.

The college works with existing ministers seeking to develop their knowledge and skills, with those preparing for service as ministers of word and sacraments and church-related community work ministry, as well as lay people seeking to develop their own understanding of faith and mission.

It shares with synods, and with the other Resource Centres for Learning in the United Reformed Church, a vision for learning for the whole people of God.

The college has accepted the challenge of living in an increasingly ecumenical age and in a rich inter-cultural society, and believes that new patterns of collaboration will make Northern College better equipped to serve the churches, and to meet a wide range of opportunities in theological education.

Urban Theology Union


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UTU is an independent, ecumenical charitable organisation, committed to the search for relevant Christian discipleship in contemporary society. It seeks to be a community of study and commitment, based in the inner city, where people can come from many backgrounds, nationalities and traditions, for vocational discovery and theological and ministerial education/training.

Its courses are geared to give support, affirmation, new skills and ideas to lay and ordained Christians in all contexts, especially the urban. UTU’s ethos is to be inclusive, which means there is respect for different theological perspectives. In the search for relevant Christian practice today.

Unitarian College Manchester


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Founded in 1854, the College celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2004. It is an independent institution, supported by subscribers and governed by a committee appointed at an annual meeting. It prepares students for ministry and lay leadership positions in the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, and the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

In addition it has a tradition of providing occasional overseas scholarships for students and ministers from kindred churches overseas, particularly Hungary and Romania (Transylvania). Lay students and ministers seeking continuing ministerial education can also be admitted.

Hartley Victoria College


HVC was a Methodist college offering training and formation for those preparing for ministry within the Methodist tradition. It was one of the early partners of LKC. In 2015 decisions made by Methodist Conference meant that HVC closed. However, there continues to be a Methodist presence on the Board of LKC and a number of Methodist students come to study at LKC on the various academic programmes.


“When I was searching the internet for somewhere to study the Bible, I found LKC and the first thing I thought was 'he had a dream!', and I had a dream, and I knew it was the place for me."

LKC is a registered charity under the name ‘Luther King House Educational Trust’. The charity number is 1082375. Full details can be accessed through the Charity Commission website: https://www.gov.uk/find-charity-information