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International Students

LKC has a rich cultural mix of students from many different nationalities, and we welcome international students and the additional breadth of experiences and perspectives you bring to our inclusive learning community.

We have been granted a Tier 4 sponsor licence by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI), and we welcome applications to all our academic programmes.

We have previously hosted scholars and students financed via funding from the Council For World Mission as well as students who are self-financing. We charge the same fees for international students as for home students.

For full details, follow the appropriate links below:

Visa Requirements

To be granted a visa to study in the UK, you have to demonstrate that you meet the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration legal requirements, including demonstrating:

  • your English language ability
  • your ability to pay for your studies and your living costs whilst in the UK
  • medical requirements

English Language Requirements

It is important that every student is able to read and write English well and that you can comply with UKVI’s requirements for study. Even when students come from countries where English is spoken such as India or South Africa, they may still need to provide evidence of proficiency in English, typically through successful completion of an approved secure English language test. Look at the UKVI information for a list of secure English tests to see which test is most suitable for you.

Financial Requirements

Before you can be granted a visa for study in the UK, the UK government requires you to demonstrate your ability to pay your course fees and that you have enough money to live in the UK for a minimum of 9 months (known as maintenance funds). The government sets out details of the money you are required to have in your bank account on its website. See also guidance published by UKCISA.

Regretfully, we have very limited bursary funds and any students contemplating moving to the UK to study should ensure that they have sufficient finance to meet both their fees and their own living costs. The British Council is a UK Government funded body which has a wealth of information about studying in the UK:

Medical Tests

Applicants from some countries are also required to undertake certain medical tests to prove that they are free from particular diseases.

Applying for our Courses

Applications for international students needing a student visa are now closed for September 2024. We are now taking applications for September 2025 entry.

When making an application, together with your application form you should include a photocopy or electronic scan of the details page of your passport and relevant qualifications which you should certify are true copies of the original documents. Please contact us if you would like further advice.

We do not charge additional tuition fees for international students. However, there is a £200 application admin fee for overseas students payable upon reciept of your application. Our full tuition fees can be found on our fees page.

Orientation and Registration

Once you have been offered a place on one of our academic programmes, you will be sent a welcome and orientation guide to help you prepare for study in the UK.

Orientation for our overseas students takes place at the start of September each year. Students will be allocated individual appointments with the registrar.