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Community Development

Join us to learn and practice the principles of community development and organising, in order to facilitate the transformation of individuals, churches and communities.

About the Course

For those who are wanting to root their ministry within the local community, then this course is for you!

This focused BA degree course equips you to think through what it means for a church to engage with its surrounding community, and provides you with the tools needed to organize and develop appropriate patterns of ministry and service. Those who successfully complete the course receive

  • BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission from Durham University
  • Plus ‘full recognition’ in Community Development Work by the Endorsement and Quality Standards Board for Community Development Learning (ESB)

For more information, see the ESB website:

Entry Requirements

Please talk to us about entry requirements for our Community Work courses.

We will help you to think about whether you have the opportunities available to you for the practical placement based aspects of the course and will try to help and support you with this wherever possible.

We will also help you discern the best starting point for your studies.

What the Course Covers

Led and taught by those with rich experience of working within local communities, this course will include an exploration of:

  • What it means to be a reflective practitioner within church and community contexts
  • Faith perspectives on community development and organizing
  • Biblical perspectives on social justice and equality
  • Theology and discrimination
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Ministry and mission in urban contexts
  • Ministry and mission in rural contexts

Student Support

You will be supported and helped throughout the course, with regular one-to-one meetings with your tutors.

We have specialist Tutors who are experienced in community development and the small size of our classes means every student receives individual support from tutors in each of their modules.

You will be allocated a Personal tutor to support you on your learning journey, and your College Principal is also available to help or talk at any time.

We have a designated Disability Support officer who is experienced in supporting Students to access funding and specialist provision through DSA.

‘The teachers all appear to really enjoy teaching their subjects, and this makes the students enjoy learning more.’
A recent student at LKC

How the Course is Taught

Teaching will take place in small seminar groups, and placement-based learning will ensure that you gain practical experience in a particular context as the course develops.  

You will usually come into LKC for two full days as a time to study intensively and can book accommodation onsite (at additional cost, student rates available) if you are travelling a long distance and would like to stay onsite and make use of facilities such as the library.

There are part-time and full-time study possibilities, and government student loan facilities are available to those who have not previously studied for a degree.

If you're ready to apply now, head over to our Application Process page where you can download the application form and find out more about your next steps.



“It is about the practical application of our learning and this comes across all the time. It allows us to engage with our contexts.”