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Study Support

We want everyone who studies at LKC to have all the support they need in order to progress in their academic studies.

Academic support

All our tutors have an ‘open door’ policy! Unless we are elsewhere or having a meeting, our doors are open for anyone to come seeking help and advice regarding the learning that is going on. In addition, it is possible to make an appointment with an academic tutor if you want more time to talk through the teaching that they are delivering.

English language support

There are a number of students studying with us who do not have English as a first language. Tutors and students form a supportive community where everyone helps one another.

Personal support

Each of the colleges at LKC has a system of offering personal support to all who study with us. This means that you always have someone to turn to if there is anything that is affecting your studies that you want to talk about.

Disability support

Again, there are a number studying with us who have recognised disabilities, including a range of neurodiversities, and LKC is committed to enabling all to have the support they need to learn. All our teaching rooms and communal areas are accessible to someone in a wheelchair. There is a hearing loop system in all the rooms where teaching and worship takes place. Registry assist those who are able to claim special financial help to enable them to fully engage in study.