Community Life and Ethos

Our community is at the heart of who we are and all that we do. We are proud of our rich diversity and the opportunities it creates to broaden our thinking and understanding of God's creativity.

Being a student at LKC is rewarding and enjoyable. Our students come from many different countries, cultures, and life experiences and belong to a wide variety of church traditions. Everyone has a place and is warmly welcomed at LKC and the whole community gains from the insights and contributions of those who are of a global majority heritage, have disabilities, or are LGBTQ+. People of all ages join us for study. We rejoice in being such a diverse community, and all the opportunities this gives us to learn from each other.

Our community life brings opportunities to:

  • Worship together
  • Share meals together
  • Learn together
  • Relax together

At the centre of our life together is our weekly Community Time & Worship in our warm, inviting chapel. Our community is drawn from many different churches, cultures and backgrounds, so our worship seeks to reflect a wide variety of church traditions. We aim to bring to one another the gifts of ourselves and of our different churches and trust all will be able to encounter God as we worship and pray together in a variety of ways.

We hope you will find ways to develop your own life of prayer and spirituality in company with others, and personal tutors can offer guidance on finding additional resources, such as a spiritual director.


“It’s more than a college or a university – it is a community!”

Our Ethos

LKC is a Christian centre for learning, seeking to help people grow in their practice and understanding of faith and discipleship. Together we want to provide a place for all to share their convictions, ask their questions and explore what it means to live out our faith in today’s world.

  • We believe in being an inclusive learning community – welcoming people with different theologies from different churches, with different backgrounds from different cultures, with varying abilities and disabilities, creating safe space where all can seek to know and love God.
  • We believe in being a challenging learning community – bringing our context into dialogue with scripture as we struggle for God’s peace and justice in our world, allowing our experience to be shaped and renewed by the discomforting call of the gospel.
  • We believe in being a committed learning community – serious about deepening our faith understanding, supporting one another in the journey of discovery, preparing ourselves for new patterns of ministry and mission in the name of God.