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Theology, Ministry, and Mission Courses (Postgraduate)

If you want to explore God-questions creatively, making connections between faith and life, and with an edge, this course is for you.

About the Course

You are WELCOME! Our postgraduate taught course in Theology, Ministry and Mission is designed to enable you to:

  • Enrich your knowledge and understanding of Christian faith and theology
  • Develop your vocational, ministerial and leadership skills in your own church, community, or work
  • Develop skills in reflective practice and critical analysis which are essential for effective Christian Ministry and Mission
  • Integrate your academic learning with your own life and faith experiences, and relate your learning to your own context

We offer the following postgraduate courses in Theology, Ministry and Mission at LKC:

Postgraduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission (PgCert) (60 credits)

Postgraduate Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission (PgDip) (120 credits)

MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Masters) (180 credits)

Entry Requirements

We recognise that standard procedures for assessing applications may not always give the full picture. LKC seeks to be an inclusive community, and to take into consideration students’ life experiences and academic potential, not only their previous academic qualifications. Each of our academic programmes has a set of standard entry requirements, but we also encourage applications from those who do not meet these. If you’d like to apply, but don’t meet the standard entry requirements and would like more guidance, please get in touch.

The standard entry requirements for each course are available in our Admissions Policy.

What the Course Covers

Our MA degree programme (with postgraduate certificate and diploma levels) includes modules in  theological method, biblical studies (exploring diverse approaches to the Bible and current debates within church and academy), theologies of ‘the body’, religious diversity and dialogue, mission and ethics in the context of ‘Empire’, spirituality, preaching, contemporary approaches to liturgy, and reflective practice – as well as the opportunity to engage in significant independent and contextual research for an individual dissertation.

It will appeal to students wanting to explore spirituality, postcolonial theologies, faith and intersectionality (race, gender, sexuality, disability and more) as well as offering Biblical Languages, opportunity to develop personal and professional practice in ministry and chaplaincy, and space for pursuing personal interests and passions in theology, mission and ministry.

Student Support

At LKC we are certain you will find a warm welcome in our supportive and diverse Christian community.

Our small size means every student receives individual support from tutors in each of their modules. Our MA students also have a great sense of community, supporting one another in their learning journey.

We have a designated Disability Support officer who is experienced in supporting Students to access funding and specialist provision through DSA.

We provide a programme of Skills Workshops throughout the year to support you in different key skills for the course, for example finding and using resources, time management and resilience, critical analysis and argumentation, and more....

“…the most supportive and cheerful academic environment I’ve ever been in…”
New first year MA Student 2020

How the Course is is Taught

The duration of your postgraduate study programme depends on how many modules you complete each year. Full-time students complete in a maximum of 1 academic year. Part-time students have a maximum period of 4 years in which to complete their studies, but many students are able to complete their studies within 3 years by taking a minimum of 60 credits worth of modules per year.

Flexible Study Patterns: You can study part-time or full-time, with a variety of timetabling patterns to give flexibility, including modules taught over 4 or 8 weeks, intensive 4-day block-taught modules, and modules taught in combinations of one and two-day blocks. The courses are modular – you can choose which modules you take, depending on your interests.

Course Fees

The MA programme is eligible for the Postgraduate Masters Loan scheme:

For further information visit our Fees, Grants and Bursaries page.

If you're ready to apply now, head over to our Application Process page where you can download the application form and find out more about your next steps.




“I thoroughly enjoyed studying the MA course at LKC. The curriculum is delivered by tutors that are passionate about their subjects. I appreciated the amount of space we were given to explore theological and ministerial issues during our lectures. The cultural and denominational diversity of the student community brought fresh insights and perspectives that enriched my learning experience. I also felt that I was supported academically as well as pastorally throughout my learning at LKC.”