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Library News

October 28, 2021

Changes to library opening hours

September 2, 2021

From Monday 6th September, the library will open from 7.30am - 10.25pm 7 days a week.

The library will not be staffed for all this time, outside of the librarian's working hours LKC with operate on a self-service basis.

If you need to see the librarian please contact Katie in advance of your visit, email: telephone: 0161 249 2509

New Arrivals

We need to talk about race by Ben Lindsay

From the UK Church’s complicity in the transatlantic slave trade to the whitewashing of Christianity throughout history, the Church has a lot to answer for when it comes to race relations. Christianity has been dubbed the white man’s religion, yet the Bible speaks of an impartial God and shows us a diverse body of believers. It’s time for the Church to start talking about race. Ben Lindsay offers eye-opening insights into the black religious experience, challenging the status quo in white majority churches. Filled with examples from real-life stories, including his own, and insightful questions, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of race relations in the Church in the UK and shows us how we can work together to create a truly inclusive church community.

Encountering the sacred: feminist reflections on women's lives by Rebecca Todd Peters & Grace Yia-Hei Kao

While traditional Christian theology has not always been the first place feminists have turned to for women's empowerment, feminist theologians have been actively reinterpreting Christian tradition and theology for the past forty years. Not much of this academic conversation has found its way into public consciousness. In this book, feminist scholars of theology and religion use the tools of their trade to examine powerful personal life experiences and to search for new and empowering ways of understanding the power of the sacred as they have experienced it. Focusing on a variety of aspects of women's embodied lives (for example reproductive issues, health concerns, relationships, and cultural attitudes/expectations), these essays feature theologically trained scholars disclosing first-person experiences of a variety of topics in ways that invite laywomen to reflect theologically on their own experiences. Written from a Christian perspective, the format includes study questions, poetry, and rituals.