Library News

Please check here regularly for updates, including details of new resources and book sales.

Changes to library staffing

July 27, 2021

The library will not be staffed from Monday 2nd - Friday 13th August, normal staffing hours will resume from Monday 16th August.

LKC Library will remain open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm during this time.

Free Books

May 20, 2021

We have a large selection of Theology books that are free to a good home.

Book are available from the free books trolley at the library issuing desk, please help yourself!

Library COVID-19 procedure: Update

July 20, 2021

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

There will be no access to the library outside of these hours


Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes will be available as you enter the library.

All touchpoints such as door handles will be wiped down regularly through the day.

There is no food or drink to be consumed on the library premises.

Face covering

We strongly recommend the continued use of face covering while inside the library and Luther King House Premises

Study area

There is no need to book the study area in advance of your visit, however we do ask that you keep a 1 metre social distance.

Book sale room

The book sale room will remain closed until further notice.

New Arrivals

The robot will see you now: Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith by John Wyatt and Stephen Williams

Can human beings, made in God's image, flourish in a world of intelligent machines?

The past decade has seen extraordinary advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. We celebrate the part played by AI in the swift development of Covid-19 vaccines and enjoy the ways in which literature, film and other media feed our fascination with these topics. Yet there is much that is unsettling. For while AI has become an integral part of life, our need for the critically important benefits of human-to-human encounter has in no way diminished.

The Robot Will See You Now offers arresting insights into the role of AI in areas such as health care, employment, security, the arts and intimate relationships, and delves deep into cultural and theological issues. With experts considering how AI is perceived - and its impact on how we interact with one another - this enthralling book will benefit Christians who want to understand and prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Finding Jesus in the storm: the spiritual lives of Christians with mental health challenges

Drawing from theological reflection on the lives of 30 Christians with severe mental health challenges, (depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia), leading disability theologian John Swinton contends that mental health problems require theological understanding and not just medical intervention. In fact, he argues, it is not necessary to care effectively for Christians experiencing severe mental illness to grasp the theological dimensions of such experiences. Therapy and pharmacology may be helpful, but on their own they are deeply inadequate. By listening carefully to the lived experiences of people with severe mental health problems, Finding Jesus in the Storm will open up new understandings and perspectives that challenge current assumptions and draws out fresh perspectives for care, healing, recovery and community. It is a book about people instead of symptoms, description instead of diagnosis, and lifegiving hope for everyone in the midst of the storm.