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Theology, Ministry and Mission Courses (Undergraduate)

If you want to grow spiritually, develop in ministry, gain more understanding of theology and the Bible, grow skills in leadership and mission, or simply explore faith – we have courses for you!

About the Course

We offer Qualifications in Theology, Ministry and Mission at every level.

Undergraduate: Foundation, Certificate, Diploma, BA(Hons) Degree

and Postgraduate: PGCert, PGDip and Masters(MA).

We will help you choose the right starting point to help you achieve your best! So please talk to us if you think this is the subject for you.

Entry Requirements

Some course levels have particular requirements of previous qualifications, others can consider your life experience and skills. LKC seeks to be an inclusive community and so although each of our academic programmes has a set of standard entry requirements, we also encourage applications from those who do not meet these. Please feel free to contact the Registrar for an informal conversation about your circumstances.

The standard entry requirements for each course are available in our Admissions Policy.

What the Course Covers

Foundation: An introduction to studying theology for those who would like a taster, or to build confidence studying towards a degree after a break or for the first time.  

For some students the Foundation Award is the first step in exploring preparation for recognised lay and ordained ministries.

It aims to be accessible to students with a wide range of educational backgrounds and professional and personal circumstances. It can be studied full time over a half year, or part time over up to two years and you can choose topics to study which are of most interest to you.

Certificate: This course will offer you a basic foundational knowledge of the Bible, mission, and pastoral ministry. It is for those who are looking to study full-time for a year or part-time over two years. and you can get student finance to cover the fees if you are eligible. You can choose onsite and online study options.

Diploma: An opportunity to take your study deeper in the areas covered by the Certificate, and explore new ones, including interfaith engagements, sustainability and the environment, faith and ethics.

BA(Hons) Degree: Our full degree course offers you a broad understanding of the Bible, Mission, Ministry, Leadership, Spirituality, Christian History and Culture, as well as the chance to go deeper into areas which especially interest you. There are options in Biblical Languages (Hebrew and Greek), faith and the arts, Chaplaincy, Black, postcolonial and intersectional theologies and more. You will be supported to try out real life research for yourself towards the end of your course.

Our Undergraduate Courses are all shaped to help you…

  • Prepare for lay ministry and mission in the world
  • Become more informed about the Christian faith and more fully equipped for Christian life and service in the world
  • Prepare for ministry and mission, perhaps among particular groups such as children and young people, minority or marginalised groups, the elderly. This may be for service in third sector and statutory organisations as well as in churches
  • Be open to the questions, insights and ongoing formation and discipleship
  • Become more passionate and prayerful advocates for the mission of God;
  • Be clearer about your vocation in the church and the world

Student Support

At LKC we are certain you will find a warm welcome in our supportive and diverse Christian community.

Our small size means every student receives individual support from tutors in each of their modules. You will also be allocated a Personal tutor to support you on your learning journey, and your College Principal is available to help or talk at any time.

We have a designated Disability Support Officer who is experienced in supporting students to access funding and specialist provision through DSA, and we provide additional support to students who have English as a second language with a designated English Tutor available each week during term-time.

“I knew from when I first made contact with this college that I would never be at the back of the queue for help”

New first year student 2020

    How the Course is Taught

    • All our teaching helps you to reflect on your own faith, church, community and world, and the issues that matter to you, so that your learning can make a real difference in the world around you in the service of God.
    • We have small classes so you can build strong relationships and have space for your voice to be heard
    • You can study for a qualification for 6months full-time, through to 6years part-time
    • We have a variety of onsite and online, part-time and full-time options for study, so please talk to us to find the best route for you.

    Course Fees

    Our fees are lower than many other universities. You can get student finance for Certificate, Diploma and BA courses if you are eligible, which cover the course fees and many of our students also receive maintenance.

    For further information visit our Fees, Grants and Bursaries page.

    If you're ready to apply now, head over to our Application Process page where you can download the application form and find out more about your next steps.




    “There has been strong encouragement to do your best. It is not about getting it right or getting it wrong; it is not about succeeding or failing. LKC enables everyone to fulfil their potential in their own way.”


    “LKC is a place that teaches you how to think; it doesn’t tell you what to think. Many places try to tell you what to think and believe but LKC never does that.”