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Taster courses

Taster courses are a great way to try studying with us, see if it’s right for you, and gain confidence. Every year we welcome new students who choose this route into new or further study.

Two of the taster courses available during our next Academic Year which are especially suited to those new to studying, or who have not studied for a long time are:

Introduction to Doing Theology

Ways to work with God in your church and community. Ideal for beginners and those who want their faith to make a practical difference in the world!

Spirituality and Discipleship

A course which offers you a structured and supportive space to learn about and develop your own ‘Rule of Life’, experience and explore new ways of praying and reading the Bible, and discern the voice of the Spirit.

If you are interested in ‘tasting’ other subjects, including Biblical Studies, Biblical Languages or Chaplaincy, please get in touch.

For those who are confident studying at degree or postgraduate level, please browse our full list of course modules

Taster courses:

A Taster course is a great way of trying out study with us at LKC, or working out whether studying for a degree course is right for you.

We offer a range of courses validated by Durham University, and if you decide you’d like to enrol for one of our University BA or MA qualifications during your taster course, we will support you to submit work for assessment which can count towards your qualification if you pass successfully.

If you’re new to studying, we’ll help you choose a taster course which is relevant to you and which:

  • Is easy to access, whether you’ve studied before or not
  • Has supportive tutors who are used to helping beginners in theology
  • Values everyone’s experiences and perspectives – we learn together!
  • Can be a place to think about your own life and faith, to grow and learn
  • Includes library membership, giving you freedom to explore further
  • Can contribute towards a University qualification if you decide you’d like to continue study

If you’re thinking about further study, you can:

Select a module which interests you, and is at the level you’re thinking of studying further

Try the module out as an ‘audit student’ – this means you pay a one off registration fee of £120 or £200 depending on the module, and you can attend all teaching sessions but do not need to submit any assignments.

If you want to finish there, we will issue you a Certificate of Participation

If during the module you decide this is right for you, and want to enrol onto a full programme of study, you can apply for the relevant course and submit the module assignments for feedback. If your work is at pass standard we may be able to admit you to an academic programme starting the following September with your work contributing towards the course you are admitted to.

If you would like to register for a taster module, please complete a Module Registration Form, ticking the relevant box.

If you are interested in applying directly for one of our Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses head over to our Application Process page where you can download the application form and find out more about your next steps.



‘This course has reignited my desire for learning. This has most definitely been because of the teachers.’

‘members of the staff are really amazing. Friendly people and the quality of the teaching is high.’