New Year's Resolution 2022

New Year's Resolution 2022
January 10, 2022

Happy New Year from everyone at LKC.

The Turkey (well, it was goose for us) is gobbled, the crackers are cracked, the bubbly has gone. The New Year is here. And with the New Year comes Resolutions.

I have to admit, I tend to avoid making New Year resolutions, I have a bad track record of keeping them – diets turn to cake, my thumbs are the only part of me exercised as I continue to play video games, all the tools of the newest hobby gather dust. Not making resolutions seemed the safest bet – they can’t be failed if they weren’t started.

This year, however, I decided to go back to tradition, and I have finally resolved to learn to drive. I’ve managed to avoid even wanting to drive for the past 10 years, but there’s only so many delayed trains with rainy waits on cold platforms before you start pondering a car. How about you? Have you made any resolutions this year? Exercise more? Less choccies? Picking up a new hobby? How about exploring your faith a bit deeper?

LKC can’t help you to exercise, we can’t keep you practising your new hobby, and we certainly can’t help you diet, but we can offer you resources to explore your faith. So, whether you want to spend a week in February or May exploring Spirituality or theologies of the body, or dive into one of our other short courses throughout the year, or you want to take the plunge back into higher education with our BA or MA programmes, keep reading to find out how to keep the New Year’s resolution of exploring your faith deeper.

Winter School

There is still time to book on to our LKC Winter School. This year Glen Marshall and Graham Sparkes will lead us through a course on “Christian Spirituality in Dialogue”, offering conversations on questions such as:

What is spirituality anyway?

What is the relationship between Christian spirituality and other forms of spirituality?

How is spirituality affected by feminist perspectives?

What is the interplay between spirituality and popular culture?

What are the conversations between spirituality and the interface of religions?

Our winter school will be running on site 14-17th February 2022 and costs £200. En-suite B&B accommodation and lunches can be purchased at extra cost.

Bookings are open, click here.

Summer School

Maybe during this cold season, you would prefer to think of warmer times. Maybe our summer school is more your style.

Join us for four days exploring theologies of the body in relation to themes of intersectionality, race, gender, sexuality, disability, ageing and eco-theologies led by Clara Rushbrook and Martin Hobgen.

Our summer school will be running on site 23rd-26th May 2022 and costs £200. En-suite B&B accommodation and lunches can be purchased at extra cost.

Bookings are open, click here.

Open Learning & Explorations Courses

We offer a variety of other short courses throughout the year: from Youth Work or Mission Studies to Biblical Languages or Theological Reflection. All our courses offer an opportunity to learn alongside our BA and MA students, excellent teaching by tutors who are passionate in their subjects, and access to our dedicated theological library, all at reasonable prices. The courses are a brilliant opportunity, whether you are looking for continued professional development or you just want to deepen your understanding in a particular area of interest.

As well as our taught short courses we have our guided reading “Explorations” course. This is an opportunity to research a subject area of your choice whilst enjoying the superb facilities at Luther King Centre. You undertake independent study through guided reading with individual tutorial support.

Whether you are exploring a new subject area, or something that you have been researching for some time, Explorations is designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your learning with specialist support.

Full details of all our open learning courses can be found on our open learning page.

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Taught Courses

Perhaps your resolution this year is to come into, or come back into, higher education. We are an ideal centre for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of their faith and theology in a manner that is sensitive to their own contexts.

All our teaching helps you to reflect on your own faith, church, community and world, and the issues that matter to you, so that your learning can make a real difference in the world around you in the service of God. We have small classes so you can build strong relationships and have space for your voice to be heard. You can study for a qualification for 6 months, through to 6 years. We have a variety of onsite and online teaching.

We offer Qualifications in Theology, Ministry and Mission at every level. Undergraduate: Foundation, Certificate, Diploma, BA(Hons) Degree and Postgraduate: PGCert, PGDip and Masters (MA). We also offer PGCert, PGDip and Masters (MA) in Chaplaincy Studies.

Full details of our Undergraduate courses can be found here, our post graduate Theology, Ministry, and Mission courses here, and here for chaplaincy studies.

If you do want to make your New Year’s resolution to explore your faith deeper, email us, and we will help you choose the right starting point to help you achieve your best!

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