Book Launch: God the Child

Book Launch: God the Child
May 7, 2024

Why assume God is Adult? What if God is Child?

In this experimental theological adventure, Graham Adams revisits God’s omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience in light of the smallness of an open hand, the weakness of a chaos-event and the curiosity of a horizon-seeker. In dialogue with pastoral trauma, the economic/ecological crisis, and the nature of theological education, particular theological themes are re-focused: grace as solidarity, justice as playfulness and faith as imagination. And what if God the Child is Black, disabled or queer, disrupting the colonial matrix of adult power? God the Child celebrates a particular kind of theo-politics: small enough to be in solidarity with every belittled experience and each tiny site of potential, weak enough to evoke relationships of mutuality, and curious enough to pursue every horizon of unknown experience empathetically.

Join us to hear from Graham Adams and a panel who will engage with this fascinating and fresh theological exploration.

This is a free event on 7th May at 19:30. To register

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