July 19, 2021

A feature of our community at Luther King Centre is the diversity of people who come together for study and learning. We are made up of people from so many different backgrounds and we have made our way here through all kinds of different routes.

  • There are those who have thought long and hard about doing in degree in theology and ministry, and after several years of planning they have finally taken the plunge.
  • There are those who come almost on the spur of the moment, deciding this is something they must do now.
  • We have people who still have youth on their side and who bring life, energy and vision.
  • We have people who have entered retirement (whatever that means!) and bring rich experience as well as their own renewed energy and vision.
  • There are those who are not are not quite sure what to believe and their study becomes an opportunity to try to make more sense of the questions of life and faith.
  • There are those who are committed to future ministry and want to be equipped and resourced to make that happen.

I guess one of the things that brings us together is that recognition that it is never too late to enter into the excitement of growing and learning. Being part of LKC is to discover new ways of thinking and living, of exploring pathways in faith and discipleship that are unexpected and challenging, of being prepared to ask questions and then search for what they might uncover. It is never too late to take an adventure like that – one that stretches our hearts and minds and gives new meaning to our lives.

It is possible to learn on our own, perhaps with the help of a library and some self-discipline. But what LKC offers is a structured pattern (still with plenty of freedom) that enables us to make sense of the story of our Christian faith, and alongside this pattern the methods – the tools – that can help us live out this faith in today’s world. Above all, it is a place where we are part of a learning community, helping one another to learn, grow and change.

It really is never too late! We still have places on our courses beginning in September. Why not contact us and find out if LKC is the place for you? We would be glad to tell you more and to welcome you into our diverse community.

Graham Sparkes


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The Revd Graham Sparkes

Tutor in Christian Spirituality