The Revd Dr Jonathan Tallon

Tutor in Biblical Studies

Jonathan is part of the Northern Baptist Team and is an ordained Anglican minister. He teaches New Testament and Greek at Luther King Centre. He is also the Research Programme Co-ordinator. His own research areas include how the Bible was interpreted and understood within the late antique context, and what that can teach us today.

Jonathan is also the author of the website and the YouTube channel Bible and Homosexuality


Tallon, J. (2023). Affirmative: Why You Can Say Yes to the Bible and Yes to People who are LGBTQI+. Richardson Jones Press.

Tallon, J. (2020). Chrysostom, Preaching and Jigsaws: Did John Chrysostom Preach on Scripture in Series? Studia Patristica, 100, pp. 191-200.

Tallon, J. (2020). Power, Faith, and Reciprocity in a Slave Society: Domestic relationships in the Preaching of John Chrysostom. In K. Cooper & J. Wood (Eds.), Social Control in Late Antiquity: The Violence of Small Worlds (pp. 59-75). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.